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Visiting time!

I was delighted to have the opportunity to travel to England last month to meet my clients Karen Addison and Lesley Anne Ivory in person for the first time! Seeing Lesley Anne's original work up close, I was able to get a real appreciation for the fine details she's able to capture, sometimes using a brush that has only a single hair.

Of course, I also made time to visit with Josephine Wall and her husband, Bob, during which time we also welcomed the owner/operators of "The One With the Diamond Art," Meg & Cathy, who graciously gave up their Sunday to travel down to Jo's gallery. TOWTDA fans, you should know that the ladies picked out several new pieces they want to render into diamond painting kits, so keep an eye out for new product this summer :-)

And if you've ever wondered about the source of Jo's inspiration, one need only gaze outside her studio window.

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