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Ivory Cats by Lesley Anne Ivory

Love Immortalized

"Every single cat is a source of new inspiration."    

Lesley Anne Ivory

Lesley Anne Ivory is a uniquely talented artist whose distinctive style features exquisitely realistic cats against richly detailed backgrounds.   Formally trained at St. Albans School of Art, she has nonetheless been perfecting her craft since childhood, when she illustrated small books, cards, and calendars for family.   Over her lifetime she and her husband have welcomed over 20 cats into their family, each of them depicted in heartwarming detail in Lesley's paintings.  For her compositions, Lesley draws inspiration from travel, the beautiful surroundings of her home in England, and many hours spent researching historical textiles and mosaics. 

Learn more about Lesley Anne at her website or join her on Instagram.


For licensing enquiries outside North America, please contact Karen Addison @ Karen Addison Associates 

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